Building a flagstone walkway and garden entrance

Building with flagstone is both a skill and an art form. Installing flagstone veneer for a walkway is not quite as straightforward a job as laying tile or brick. The installer is working with lots of variables such as shape and thickness of the block and maintaining a level without what I call “toe stumpers” (or little protrusions that catch the front end of a shoe).


A February 20 walk through a north Georgia garden

A February 20 walk through a north Georgia garden A February 20 walk through the garden.  I was working on a rock project for a lady who is one of the best plant people ever.  It was the first really beautiful day after a rather difficult winter and I went for a walk through the mountain garden […]

Zen and the art of crape myrtle pruning

Zen and the art of crape myrtle pruning. Of all the questions I am asked about landscaping and gardening, I think most frequently asked is about how to prune crape myrtles.  While thinking about the complex answer to this question, I have come up with the idea that we should talk about “shaping” the plant […]

What to use for an early spring garden

Planting an Early Spring Garden. I had been wondering about the right time to plant for early spring at the Boys and Girls club’s vegetable garden.  That was when I ran across my friend Farrell the painter.  Farrell is one of those careful craftsmen who can do things like paint trim without masking tape or […]