Accent plantings in the landscape garden

I love walking around the corner into something special in the landscape garden.

Pondering landscape design in the urban southeast

Thoughts on landscape design in the urban southeast. I guess little kids can remember different sorts of things. I can remember a couple of the houses that I lived in during the early 1950s in a small town in the piedmont area of North Carolina.  These houses didn’t have closed foundations, but were built on […]

Boys and Girls Club vegetable garden update

Garden update–Boys and Girls Club vegetable garden Mother’s Day–It was time to check on the garden at the Maple Street Boys and Girls Club here in lovely Rome, Georgia.  The garden is a project of the Three Rivers Garden Club and is sponsored by the Rome Federated Garden guild. I have been involved in the […]

An intimate meditation garden in a gated community

An intimate meditation garden in a gated community. Sylvia sent me a picture via email the other day. The picture conveyed a message, “you need to come see this.” I grinned and decided that I should take Dekie and the trusty camera to get a look at her yard.  Here’s the picture she sent: Julie Windler had called […]