Which mulch do I use in the landscape garden?

Here is some information on the most commonly used mulches and
some ideas on groundcovers for natural areas.

Coffee with Bubba–How to catch a horse

“’I know you boys cain’t think like a girl, but if you could, you would know that you kin catch anything you want anytime you want—All you got to do is hum a tune low and easy, and use the proper bait.’”

Hydrangeas in the landscape–a tour of a beautiful garden

A June tour of hydrangeas in bloom Marion Shaw has loved gardening all her life.  She learned from her mother and grandmother.  This week (June 7), she had suggested that it was a good time for me to bring  Dekie and Sylvia and Randy Eidson for an evening viewing of her blooming hydrangeas. (Sylvia’s garden is featured here)  […]