John goes to a book signing at The Grey Parrot.

I went to a book signing at the Grey Parrot Gallery. Got kind of sidetracked with all of the neat stuff in the gallery. Here it is.

How to extend the blooming season for crape myrtles

There is a method for getting more blooms on the crape myrtle. John the plant man tells you about it.

A poem–“On to a Brilliant World”

Dragons can assume many forms.  G.K. Chesterton said: “Children do not have to be taught that dragons exist.  They already knew that.”  On To A Brilliant World The old man stood on the hill In the time of my youth In my time of formation Invincibility And confusion. “Son” he said: “That’s where you’re going. […]

Build an excellent sprinkler with parts from Home Depot irrigation section

Finding the best garden sprinkler–build your own with parts from the irrigation department, not the garden department–by David Brown Today’s article was written for Johntheplantman by David Brown who lives somewhere sort of on the road to Subligna, Georgia.  Dave is a writer, handyman, farmer, and guitar playing storyteller among other things.  He finally figured […]