John visits the Gentleman Farmer

John visits the gentleman farmer. Bob Hicks is an very young eighty something years old with a tremendous love for the land.  He is a recently retired Atlanta attorney and lives in Marietta with his lovely wife Micheline.  He also has a wonderful 300 and more acre farm on the Chatooga River right outside the […]

A Redneck Garden in August

A Redneck Garden in August Bud is proud to be a redneck.  He grew up on a farm on Sand Mountain, Alabama and moved to town for work a number of years ago.  One day I showed Bud some of my blog posts and he said, “Why don’t you show them folks a redneck garden?”  […]

Louann wins the lottery

In this weeks article I will share a nice story.  Relax for a few minutes and read about the indomitable Louann.  This is one of my favorite chapters from the book Requiem for a Redneck. Enjoy-share it with your friends. Louann was a victim of numbers. With five more years of public schooling, thirty more […]

Build a wonderful garden sprinkler with pvc pipe and Rain Bird nozzles

Building a portable spray sprinkler with pvc pipe and Rain Bird irrigation parts from Home Depot. Several years ago I got tired of buying garden sprinklers that just didn’t work.  One day, while installing an underground sprinkler for a client, I thought, “If someone would just use this wonderful sprinkler technology for building a portable, […]