Renovating an overgrown landscape-part three

Renovating an overgrown landscape-part three of a series. One of the lessons I learned the hard way in my years of building and rebuilding landscape projects has been to realize that the project will generate a lot of waste that must be dealt with.  During my initial talks with Holly (the client), I asked if […]

Renovating an overgrown landscape, part two of a series

Renovating an overgrown landscape-part two of a series  The back yard of the house is dominated by a delightfully whimsical pool, jacuzzi, and a terraced deck.  The back side of the deck is bordered by a lovely brick retaining wall on two levels.  There are a lot of nice azaleas, sasanquas, and lorapetalums planted for […]

Renovating an overgrown landscape-part one of a series

Renovating an overgrown landscape-part one-tree forming.  Today’s article begins a series on renovating an overgrown landscape planting.  I have been asked to turn an over planted and neglected landscape garden into a work of art.  We started this project the first week in February, 2011, and I was kicking myself for forgetting the camera on […]