Pansies for a May wedding


Pansies for a May wedding

It took a lot of courage and self confidence to plant pansies in October for a May 14 wedding, but I think it is going to work out.  In October, I couldn’t really think of any other cost effective way to have the flower beds looking good for the May deadline than to plant pansies.  I knew that I was pushing the limit for the pansies to look fresh and nice on that date in the north Georgia climate, but I took the gamble. 

 Starting in April, we gave the plants a weekly feeding of Miracle Grow 20-20-20 and kept the weeds pulled. I gave them a good fungicide spray after all of the April storms to take care of any disease problems. The pansies started really growing as a result of the liquid fertilizer. They poked their pretty flower faces up and smiled at me.  I, being a gentleman, smiled back. It looks like my gamble may pay off.

 Yesterday, (April 29), we showed up at the farm to refresh the pine straw and take care of any remaining weeds.  The fresh pine straw mulch really made the flowers stand out. 

Here is the view of the flower beds, looking towards the house from the lake gazebo where the ceremony will take place. 

Massed pansies as seen from the gazebo where the wedding ceremony will be held

Massed pansies as seen from the gazebo where the wedding ceremony will be held

And here is a closer view

Sprucing up the pansy planting with fresh pine straw really shows off the flowers

Sprucing up the pansy planting with fresh pine straw really shows off the flowers

You may wish to re visit the article I wrote on October 17, 2010 about the installation of the flower bed.  (Click here to see the article)

 All I really had to do to finish my planting was to plant some barrels with purple wave petunias for sun and lavender impatiens mixed with white and green caladiums for shade.  I intend to do a mixture of Mexican heather and white bacopa in clay pots with saucers for centerpieces on the tables.  I did a sample pot for Sweetie and she liked it.  That’s good enough for me.

I do know that the pansies won’t last long beyond the wedding date, but I’ll replace them the first part of June with bedding plants and perennials–lavender shades, fuchsias, and whites.

 Everything is proceeding as it should.


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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jane Schulz
    May 01, 2011 @ 16:33:05

    Dear John,

    I’m thinking of you as I survey my pansy bed and know that yours is equally beautiful and much larger. We planted pansies from your childhood days and it makes me happy that you are doing that now for Dekie.

    We will be there in two weeks to see all that you have done and to share in your wonderful day. I am so happy for you!



  2. Connie Ray
    May 01, 2011 @ 17:18:35

    It is going to be so beautiful for your wedding.


  3. Janice Cross
    May 01, 2011 @ 17:57:06

    Beautiful, John, very impressive!


  4. diane
    May 01, 2011 @ 18:40:42

    John, I am so happy for you both even tho I haven’t met “Sweetie” yet! The love you feel for her shines through in your posts! Much love and happiness! And, the pansies are beautiful!


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