Planting a flower bed with leftovers, or, “Happy wife, happy life”

Planting a flower bed with leftovers, or, “Happy wife, happy life”  She said, “I want my yard to look like a landscaper lives here.” I replied, “It does look like a landscaper lives here. Remember the cobbler’s shoes.”  I plant a lot of flowers every spring.  Actually, I plant a lot of truckloads of flowers […]

An over the top vegetable garden sprinkler and a Father’s Day present

Over the top vegetable garden irrigation—A well received Father’s Day present.   The garden got planted late this year-probably because of the preparations for the  wedding at the farm on May 14. About a month prior to that date, though, in a conversation with The Gentleman Farmer, Bob Hicks, who would soon be my father […]

Foundation planting with containers creates “a changeable garden”

Foundation planting with containers-a “changeable garden”  Today’s article is about what I call a “Barbie Doll Garden.”  Here’s the story: One of my favorite clients for a number of years is very easy to please as long as she gets ­exactly what she wants.  The problem is that I sometimes have to get really creative […]