My self publishing experience-part one

A story about a story-My self publishing experience part one. August 28, 2011 It seems like every day, at least once but usually several times, someone will ask, “John, when’s your next book coming out?” The question never fails to make me feel good. I know now that I have been able to not only […]

Erosion control for washed out stepping stones

Solving erosion problems step by step-directions and pictures  I was asked to fix a set of washed out stepping stones that had been installed down a hill beside the house. When this happens, I always remember the lady who told me long ago, “In every landscaping job, water is the boss.” Here’s a picture of […]

Tree forming-Landscaping from the inside out.

Using Bonsai techniques to prune and shape overgrown shrubs and trees in the landscape

I have always thought that a good landscape design should provide pleasing views from the inside out as well as just from the outside.

Building stone steps with a retaining wall—part two

I often tell people about the old man who taught me to lay steps with stone. This morning I got tickled when I realized that that old man wasn’t any older than I am now. He has gone on to his great rewards and I have become the old man teaching people.