How to plant a mixed color window box for summer color.

 Christine  (my wonderful daughter-in-law to be) asked if I would do some articles on planters for summer color. I view a request from that source as very important, so here goes. I will start a series with this article on mixed color window boxes. When choosing plants for a mixed planter I like to follow […]

My mother taught me to Love Calla Lilies

I love calla lilies. The bulbs sit dormant in the ground all winter and then start sending up spearhead leaves in the late spring. Callas seem to know somehow when the time is just right for them to sprout up and send their lush foliage out into the world. They grow and grow until the […]

The Day of the garden tour– Part eight of a series

 I know, I’m late with this final article in the series. I was talking with Patsy Hubbard the other day and she said, “John I hope you know that you must write the final article of the tour series.” I felt like I hadn’t done my homework and I started to tell her that the […]