Mixed container plantings for summer color-part 3 of a series.

I was telling Russ and Shala Head about the blog series and they offered to send me pictures or their plantings. Russ and Shala own and operate Willow Creek Nursery here in Rome, Georgia. I have another friend, Bobby Mixon, who does very nice mixed planters for our mutual friend, Diane Harbin. I will start […]

Plants in containers for summer color

 A couple of weeks ago Lovely Christine asked me to write about mixed plantings in containers. She wanted to do something outside the front door. At the time I was only prepared to do an article about window boxes. She liked that one, but I kept looking at container gardens wherever I went and got […]

Install an automatic micro mister irrigation system for your flower beds.

 This morning my wife asked, “What’s the blog article about today?” I told her that I was going to tell about a micro mister. She said, “Ooooh, I want one of those. Could I carry him around in my shirt pocket?” I exasperatedly told her that I was talking about an easy to install and […]