Prepare for weed management—A rustic perennial bed in the country

When setting out to manage flower bed weeds in a rural area, one must always think ahead. Lots of surrounding pasture land makes for lots of weeds and weed seeds. Here in the southeast U.S. (Rome, Georgia) I think the most difficult weed is Bermuda grass which creeps on underground stems and cannot be controlled […]

Killing weeds in the landscape garden

A weed is defined as a plant that is in the wrong place. Pulling weeds in the garden can be a wonderful Zen-like experience but sometimes the job transcends meditation and it becomes time to spray. I am often asked if spraying weeds in the garden will kill the desirable plants.  My answer is, “Not […]

Pruning a Japanese maple

Japanese maples are special and as such they require special treatment. They are such cute little trees when we plant them but after a while they get much larger. It is a matter of personal preference as to whether the tree looks better in its natural state or whether it is more desirable to prune it. I am generally of the latter opinion.

Foundation planting with containers

  Today’s article is about what I call a “Barbie Doll Garden.”  Here’s the story: One of my favorite clients for a number of years is very easy to please as long as she gets ­exactly what she wants.  The problem is that I sometimes have to get really creative to reach that goal.  I spent […]

Summertime care for Knockout Roses.

Knockout Roses and summertime maintenance. I have been getting lots of calls about taking care of knockout roses.  I will start my comeback by recycling this article from 2010 Over the last few years nothing has affected the color of our landscape like the Knockout rose.  Originally this rose was praised as “maintenance free” (and […]