10 steps for seeding a new fescue lawn in the fall

For basic looks, fescue grass is my favorite. It tolerates a bit of shade and it stays green all year. Fescue grass has traditionally been planted from seed but for several years it has been available as sod. Paige and I had discussed the kind of grass that we wanted in her back yard and […]

Turn Overgrown Front Door Plants Into Nice Topiaries

Sylvia had asked me to deal with the plants by her front entrance some time ago. It seems that the blue point junipers were getting a bit out of hand. I like blue points but they take either a lot of room or a lot of care. There’s definitely not much room in this yard. […]

Spray Painting the House

I am feeling better every day. The physical punishment from the cancer treatments and the surgery is getting lighter slowly but surely. After three years—showing numerous battle scars—I feel like I have returned. My landscaping business and my sweet wife keep me busy on several levels. But last week I had a promise to keep. […]

Front Door Plants—Starting a Topiary Project

I’ve been working with plants professionally for 35 years or so. During that time, one of the most requested tasks has been to “find me something distinctive to go on the front porch (or by the door).”  Usually it takes a lot of time and searching to find just the right plant for the job. […]