Dahlias For Late Summer Cut Flowers

This will be a short article written on my Ipad from the top of a mountain just outside of Asheville. It’s the first of September and a lot of the summer flowers have started fading. It is a bit too early for chrysanthemums but just right for dahlia blooms.

We planted tubers in the late spring next to a fence around a tennis court. I think they are referred to as tubers–the old ladies around here always called them “dahlia taters”.
Some varieties of dahlias will do well in a large clay pot. The flowers below grace a corner of Dot Fletcher’s deck in Rome , Georgia.
This year I found some tubers at Home Depot and ordered more from K. Van Bourgondien and Sons. I have found over the years that plants grown from tubers out-perform seed grown varieties.
The plants will return year after year. In milder parts of the south the tubers are left in the ground. In colder areas the tubers should be dug up in november and stored in a cool, dry location.
Dahlias call for remembrance.  One must remember to plant them in the spring and in November –well, in November you got to remember to dig them dahlia taters.

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