Apples, a Cider Press, and a Party

On the way to a Kristofferson concert in Atlanta we stopped off at a wonderful cider pressing party. John and Jane Kenna have been throwing a cider party on an annual basis for ten years. Read about the destiny of 20 bushels of apples


Building a Stone Patio for a SerenityGarden

Diane had only been in the house for a couple of months when I went over to look at the project. She took me to a side of the yard and we looked inside a small fenced in area. She said, “I want a serenity garden here where I can sit and sip my coffee and […]

The Hay Baler

First an announcement: the novel “Requiem for a Redneck” by John P. Schulz is now available as an e book at the Amazon store.  Click here to go there.  For today’s article I have chosen a short story that I wrote a week or two ago. The painting, “The Hay Baler” is an original painting […]

A Visit to the CoonHoundCemetery

My wife, Dekie received a “thank you reward” from using her visa card and decided to use it for a September birthday trip for me. More specifically, she decided to use it for a room in a fancy hotel in Florence, Alabama. We enjoy adventuresome road trips together, and I am always happy when the […]