Gardening terms to remember

Weed:  A plant that is in the wrong place.

Herbicide:  A chemical that kills plants

Pre-emergent herbicide:  A chemical that keeps weed seeds from germinating (sprouting) but doesn’t hurt other stuff

Post-emergent herbicide:  A herbicide that kills plants after they have started to grow.

Fungicide:  A chemical that kills fungus

Insecticide:  A chemical that kills insects.

Broadleaf weeds:  weeds that are not grass

Grasses:  A. The good part of your lawn.  B.  Grassy weeds in your flower beds.

Bermuda grass: A. A nice lawn.  B.  A weed from perdition


Happy New Year

I’ll see you again in 2014

John the Plant Man


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2 thoughts on “Gardening terms to remember

  1. At different times in my life Bermuda Grass definition A worked fine for me but now, as it encroaches my fescue lawn from surrounding areas, B is closer to how I feel. This was a fun post. Happy New Year! Susie

  2. John, I have a Bermuda Grass problem on my bank that is chugged with bulbs, daylilies, iris, lantana…to name a few…on and the blooming thrift that will be blooming early…What should I put out to kill the Bermuda but not the “good stuff”??? Also I need your email to send you a picture of my “fairy garden” Thanks cb

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