February Jobs For the Winter-Weary Gardener

If you’re knee-deep in snow can spring be far behind? The snow went away, the sun came out and we got busy. It’s time to get things done. Nelson Magee likes for his yaupon hollies to look good all the time. They were getting a bit shaggy. We practice a modified version of “cloud pruning” […]

What Does a Hummingbird Nest Look Like? Ask Mabel

I always enjoy a visit with Mabel Milner. She is a captivating conversationalist and she knows so many interesting things about nature, about plants and flowers, and about gardening. I always know I will learn about something when I visit, I just don’t know what. This time I learned about hummingbird nests. One of the […]

Late January or February—Time to Prune Boxwood and Liriope

I love boxwood. By and large they mind well. I appreciate that trait in a plant, but one does have to respect them. Boxwoods perform best when pruned in the early part of the year. That doesn’t mean that they must be pruned, mind you, but if you plan to prune them now would be […]

Snowper Bowl

This game had it all: tenseness, viewer participation, daredevil driving, urgency, pathos, empathy…Can you name some more? I was most fortunate in that I had been pre-trained in 1980 (or somewhere in that time period) by a snow storm in Marietta that came in around lunch time and caused a terrific traffic jam. I had […]