Early Spring Pictures From A Meditation Garden

Laura Adams got a new camera and made some beautiful pictures of the Myrtle Hill meditation garden in early spring.

The garden in the historical cemetery in Rome, Georgia, was started in 2016. There seems to be something magic about this garden. It was built on the theme of “Three Rivers and Seven Hills,” and some very good soil was hauled in to build the “seven hills.” It just seems that everything I plant in this garden thrives. Maybe it’s the quiet neighborhood.

Here’s the garden tour. Thank you Laura for the beautiful pictures

adams 3
The stone walkway represents the three rivers of Rome
adams 4
Dianthus in a rock bed. A dependable perennial
adams 6
lovely spring iris
adams 5
The hillside supports the plants. The plants maintain the hillside symbiosis at its best
adams 7
The Japanese maples will eventually form an arch over the walk way
adams 8
Their common name is “Sweet William.” They are a member of the same family as the carnation.
adams 9
The ornamental iron fencing was a gift from Mike McDougald from his childhood home
adams 10
The comfy benches are nested into a planting of fragrant gardenias and tea olives
adams 11
several boulders have been placed for sitting, enjoyment, and pondering
adams 12
a wonderful year for iris blooms
adams 13
The photographer took care to frame the shots just right
adams 14
I love the window to the mountains framed by the overhanging Japanese maples.
adams 15
a study in blues and purples
adams 16
Summer color will be added to the garden during the first part of May
adams 17
A walk through this garden will provide a connection with serenity and peace.

I don’t know about you but I truly enjoyed the tour. Now I will have to get out my pruning shears and go over there to clip a few tips.

There is a story to this garden. I posted it a while back. To see the story of the garden click here

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4 thoughts on “Early Spring Pictures From A Meditation Garden

  1. Thank you for sharing, John. I thought of Sweet Sam Spector while viewing these lovely photographs. I like knowing he is surrounded by beauty.

  2. I’m not really sure what they are, Tony. All of the iris plants, several of the trees and other specialties came from the yards of donors. I do know that the white iris blooms are the Japanese rooftop variety. This was a wonderful project because it involved a lot of people in the Rome community.

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