Why Are My White Hydrangea Blooms Turning brown?

It was time for Plantman to play Sherlock Holmes.

I had planted the Phantom hydrangeas for a client a couple of years ago and this year they were showing off like nobody’s business. Two weeks ago I visited the site on other business and I was amazed at how good the Phantoms looked

A week earlier I had looke

So, I was amazed when Randy called me Monday morning and said, “You need to come trim these hydrangea blooms. I think they have a disease.” I visited the site again on Tuesday and was saddened by the appearance of the flowers by the pool. I looked at them and shook my head.

—What could it be? I looked again for fungus but this malady was different. “Ahhh,” I told myself, “They must have pressure-washed the deck and gotten chemicals on the flowers.”

So I asked Randy to come out and look at the plants with me.

I asked, “Did you have your deck pressure-washed? This looks like some kind of chemical damage.”

He replied, “No, we haven’t done anything like that.”

He stopped and thought…”We haven’t even been out there much because the mosquitoes were so bad. I called the exterminator last week and had the whole area fogged…”

We looked at each other and nodded. That was the answer.

The lesson we learned was, if you have your garden fogged for mosquitoes, ask the applicator to fog under the flowering plants and not from the top.

I think there are a lot of exterminators that don’t know such as that.

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The Basics of Pruning by John Schulz and Dekie Hicks

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5 thoughts on “Why Are My White Hydrangea Blooms Turning brown?

  1. I have sent a new email address for your posts –  this one will no longer work after we move in a couple of weeks.

    Lynn Todino

  2. Hi! I just had this happen yesterday. Paint-removal chemicals are all over the plant, and the blooms and leaves are brown. Did you cut all blooms off? I have no idea what to do to save my large blue plant. Thanks!

  3. Hi! My hydrangeas just got sprayed with paint-remover chemicals, and the blooms and leaves are brown, just like yours in this situation. What did you do? Should I remove the blooms and leaves? Should I just leave the plant as is? I will be devastated if the large blue plant dies! Thanks!

    1. Actually, I left the blooms to see if they would come back out..I haven’t been to check on them yet. The other thing you can do is cut the stems back a bit and encourage branching. Sorry about the accident.

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