Entering 2022 With Optimism

January 1, 2022

Reflections, Day 80

Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?’
‘Supposing it didn’t,’ said Pooh after careful thought.
Piglet was comforted by this.”
― A.A. Milne

New Year’s Day, 2022.

Almost everywhere I look, I see doomsday prophesies about the coming year.

I am led to believe that if I am not carried off by a tornado,

Or burnt to a crisp by a forest fire,

Then I will be ravaged by famine and pestilence.

But a change will come.

A change for good.

The only thing is, change takes time,

And patience is at a premium.

A positive attitude breeds more positive attitudes

Laughter is contagious,

And happiness is a lot less trouble

Than sadness.

There is always a bright side

“It’s snowing still,” said Eeyore gloomily.
“So it is.”
“And freezing.”
“Is it?”
“Yes,” said Eeyore. “However,” he said, brightening up a little, “we haven’t had an earthquake lately.”
― A.A. Milne

So Happy New Year, everyone.

Spread some joy around you like butter on hot toast

Everything is going to be all right.

—john schulz

Photo by Tommy Cobb

Published by John P.Schulz

I lost my vocal cords a while back due to throat cancer. The laryngectomy sent me on a quest to find and learn to use my new, altered voice. I am able to talk now with a really small and neat new prosthesis. My writing reflects what I have learned in my search for a voice. My site johnschulzauthor.com publishes a daily motivational quote and a personal comment. I write an article a week for my blog, johntheplantman.com which deals with a lot of the things that I do in the garden. I am also the author of Requiem for a Redneck and the new Redemption for a Redneck--novels portraying the lives and doings of folks around the north Georgia hills. I have an English Education degree from the University of Georgia and very happily married to the lovely Dekie Hicks. You may enjoy my daily Quotes and Notes at http://johnschulzauthor.com/

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