Renovating an overgrown landscape-part one of a series

Renovating an overgrown landscape-part one-tree forming.  Today’s article begins a series on renovating an overgrown landscape planting.  I have been asked to turn an over planted and neglected landscape garden into a work of art.  We started this project the first week in February, 2011, and I was kicking myself for forgetting the camera on […]

Deadheading and pruning hydrangeas in January

I wrote this article about pruning and dead heading hydrangeas a while back. The information still holds true. This is one of my most asked about subjects. Enjoy! John A rare beautiful January day found us preparing some new flower beds for Ms. Marion, who most people around here refer to as “The hydrangea lady.”  […]

Living and Giving-more than a plant shop-in Rome, Ga.

Living and Giving—A beautiful plant shop in Rome, Georgia. NOTE: This is a good and popular article but Living and Giving has moved down the street. A more recent article can be found here: I had been in Living and Giving a number of times—to do some shopping, make a delivery, maybe to visit or […]

October pansies for a May wedding

Planting pansies in October for a May wedding.  Dekie has decided that the wedding will be in the middle of May at her father’s northwest Georgia farm.  The ceremony will be down by the lake and the guests (family only) will walk past two extensive flower beds.  The problem at hand is to figure out how […]

Time to think about pansies.

Time to think about pansies. Dekie and I are going to plant pansies at the farm next weekend.  Last week we went to the grower and picked out the colors she wanted. We will plant about a thousand plants, nestled down in pine straw.  This will give us a magnificent show for the wedding in […]

Will Goldin’s Eagle Scout landscaping project. People helping people.

People helping people on many levels—an Eagle Scout community service landscaping project Will Goldin is a very nice, intelligent, and rather reserved young man who asked me for some advice on his Eagle Scout project a few months ago. I have always liked the fact that the Boy Scout program requires a community service project […]

Maintaining a special yard on the mountain

A tour of a beautiful mountain garden created for a French country style house.

A Redneck Garden in August

A Redneck Garden in August Bud is proud to be a redneck.  He grew up on a farm on Sand Mountain, Alabama and moved to town for work a number of years ago.  One day I showed Bud some of my blog posts and he said, “Why don’t you show them folks a redneck garden?”  […]

Build a wonderful garden sprinkler with pvc pipe and Rain Bird nozzles

Building a portable spray sprinkler with pvc pipe and Rain Bird irrigation parts from Home Depot. Several years ago I got tired of buying garden sprinklers that just didn’t work.  One day, while installing an underground sprinkler for a client, I thought, “If someone would just use this wonderful sprinkler technology for building a portable, […]