Foundation planting with containers

  Today’s article is about what I call a “Barbie Doll Garden.”  Here’s the story: One of my favorite clients for a number of years is very easy to please as long as she gets ­exactly what she wants.  The problem is that I sometimes have to get really creative to reach that goal.  I spent […]

Raspberries and Introspection.

This website is becoming a part of my life. WordPress tells me that I have written 117 articles and that this one will be number 118. My wife, Dekie, tells me that she is impressed with my self-discipline. Hell, I’m impressed with it, too. I never thought I had it in me. My new truck […]

Adding Definition to a Shade Garden.

It’s funny how things work out. I was just getting ready to write a series of articles about shade gardens when Lisa and Dick Landry asked me to come over and work on the yard at their new house which sits on the top of a big hill within the city limits. It may even […]

A Privacy Screen with Arizona Cypress and Knockout Rose

What happens if you don’t prune? I write a lot of articles about pruning and actually the articles on pruning Knockout Roses are the most popular ones on my blog site. One of my rules on landscape design is to plant so that the project will look finished in five years. Today, I visited a […]

Using pansies in window boxes for winter color

Using pansies in window boxes for winter color  Dot Fletcher loves her window planters. I call them window boxes, but they are actually made of a wire frame with coconut fiber liners. We change these planters twice a year—in the spring we plant lots of begonias, bacopa, and similar plants for summer color. In October, […]

How to make stepping stones with whiskey barrel rings–part one

How to make stepping stones with whiskey barrel rings–part one For part two of this article, click here There’s a story behind this picture, read on Halves of whiskey barrels make great planters but the barrels don’t last forever. Years ago, I realized that one of my recurring duties as a landscaper was to remove […]

A Waterfall Instead of a Retaining Wall

A beautiful waterfall in late September  One of the points of profit associated with being a landscape artist, designer, and installer only shows up after a few years. On Friday, September23, I was delivering some pine straw to the Maire house where I had done some extensive work. Urs likes to touch up his pine […]

Building stone steps with a retaining wall—part two

I often tell people about the old man who taught me to lay steps with stone. This morning I got tickled when I realized that that old man wasn’t any older than I am now. He has gone on to his great rewards and I have become the old man teaching people.

A nice landscape garden and dealing with the stump from a large uprooted tree

A garden visit and Dealing with a stump from a blown over tree  “Oh, My God, the wind is doing something weird. The trees are dancing through the sky, There comes a tree top into the middle of the back yard. This is scary!!!” It was April 27, 2011, a little after eight in the morning. […]