Foundation planting with containers creates “a changeable garden”

Foundation planting with containers-a “changeable garden”  Today’s article is about what I call a “Barbie Doll Garden.”  Here’s the story: One of my favorite clients for a number of years is very easy to please as long as she gets ­exactly what she wants.  The problem is that I sometimes have to get really creative […]

Pansies for a May wedding

Pansy beds planted in October for a May wedding seem to be working out just fine.

Drainage management with an Ikebana flair

Fixing a small drainage problem with an Ikebana flair.  The rather large yard is always well kept and immaculate, but there are lots of little areas that need ‘fixing.’  This week the main emphasis was an area where soil was washing across part of a driveway and into a catch basin.  The ordinary thing to […]

Renovating an overgrown landscape-part one of a series

Renovating an overgrown landscape-part one-tree forming.  Today’s article begins a series on renovating an overgrown landscape planting.  I have been asked to turn an over planted and neglected landscape garden into a work of art.  We started this project the first week in February, 2011, and I was kicking myself for forgetting the camera on […]

A labyrinth in a meditation garden

A labyrinth, a healing garden, and a chapel. Allow me to introduce Tom Schulz.  Tom is a philosopher, a creative thinker, a builder, and a brilliant artist.  I have paid attention to Tom’s work over the years through pictures and other correspondence. Last week I was able to visit with Tom in Charlotte, N.C.  The […]

Will Goldin’s Eagle Scout landscaping project. People helping people.

People helping people on many levels—an Eagle Scout community service landscaping project Will Goldin is a very nice, intelligent, and rather reserved young man who asked me for some advice on his Eagle Scout project a few months ago. I have always liked the fact that the Boy Scout program requires a community service project […]

Maintaining a special yard on the mountain

A tour of a beautiful mountain garden created for a French country style house.