Feed Troughs and Redneck Philosophy

I’ll get to the redneck report in a bit—first a report on the copper trough for the Living and Giving water feature. (click here to see the article) It seems like the copper was not all that difficult to find, but it cost a bit more than the perceived value of the show off effect. […]

Merry Christmas From Bubba

Merry Christmas, everyone!! Before my voice problems I was frequently asked to read the following letter to festive groups. These days, even though a voice has been restored, I am more comfortable offering it to you on the internet. You know that if it’s on the internet it has to be true. Print it out and read it to your gathering with my blessings. Here’s Bubba’s Christmas Letter:

A Visit to the CoonHoundCemetery

My wife, Dekie received a “thank you reward” from using her visa card and decided to use it for a September birthday trip for me. More specifically, she decided to use it for a room in a fancy hotel in Florence, Alabama. We enjoy adventuresome road trips together, and I am always happy when the […]

Redneck Garden Revisited

A Redneck Garden in August I had to go see my mother over the weekend of July 4 and I’m going to cheat and re-post this article from a couple of years ago.  Enjoy. Bud is proud to be a redneck.  He grew up on a farm on Sand Mountain, Alabama and moved to town […]

Redemption is on the way!!!

Redemption for a Redneck is on the way!!!  That’s right, the books are on a truck somewhere between the printer and good ol’ Rome, Georgia.  It is a wonderful feeling to think that in just a couple of days I will hold the results of a year’s creative work in my hands.  It’s a good […]

Progress Report

Progress report  I will not have a plant post up this week and probably not next week because I am spending my writing time working on another site to introduce Redemption for a Redneck, the second in what I propose to be The Redneck Trilogy.  A lot of people have told me how much they […]

Pimp Your Lawnmower–Redneck style

Pimp Your Lawnmower, Redneck style—-I am told that I am known as a pretty good writer of fiction and that’s why I had to get out my trusty camera for this article.  I don’t think a thousand words would have told the story. Here’s what happened. The other day I had a helper working on my […]