Push in the clutch and downshift

My candle burns at both ends It will not last the night But ah, my foes and oh, my friends It makes a lovely light –Edna St. Vincent Millay  I have loved that poem since the first time I ever read it. Dekie told me (rightfully) that I need to write an article for my […]

Redemption is on the way!!!

Redemption for a Redneck is on the way!!!  That’s right, the books are on a truck somewhere between the printer and good ol’ Rome, Georgia.  It is a wonderful feeling to think that in just a couple of days I will hold the results of a year’s creative work in my hands.  It’s a good […]

My self publishing experience part three-Turning it into a book.

  The editing proceeded. Make changes, submit for editing, correct the manuscript, make more changes. I called the process polishing. I realized that when the final draft was completed and printed there would be no going back for changes. The funny thing is that in the final draft of Requiem for a Redneck,- the one […]

My self publishing experience-part one

A story about a story-My self publishing experience part one. August 28, 2011 It seems like every day, at least once but usually several times, someone will ask, “John, when’s your next book coming out?” The question never fails to make me feel good. I know now that I have been able to not only […]