Lenten Roses, planting grass seed, and the early spring vegetable garden

Getting gardens ready for the early spring growing season. The week before the vernal equinox was a busy one.  The gardens were calling.  I walked into a back yard and enjoyed seeing a section of the beautiful meditation garden that was highlighted by the Edgeworthia and the Lenten roses.  I love Lenten roses (helleborus species) […]

Choosing the right fertilizer

How do I choose the correct fertilizer?  “What do I feed my plants?”  “What is the best fertilizer?”  — I think that in my experience as a plant man, these are the most frequently asked questions, and everyone seems to want a concise, three word answer.  Here’s the concise answer:  “It all depends.”  Read on […]

Building a flagstone walkway and garden entrance—part two.

Building a home and garden entrance—part two.  I was really enjoying the flagstone and garden project.  Who wouldn’t?  There was always a fresh pot of coffee, the sweet lady fixed lunch for us every day, and the job was turning into a true work of art.  I was given total creative license.  It doesn’t get much […]

A February 20 walk through a north Georgia garden

A February 20 walk through a north Georgia garden A February 20 walk through the garden.  I was working on a rock project for a lady who is one of the best plant people ever.  It was the first really beautiful day after a rather difficult winter and I went for a walk through the mountain garden […]

Bubba the Squirrel Trainer

Bubba The Squirrel Trainer  Morning coffee conversations with my redneck friend Bubba give me a lot of things to think about.  I like to share these stories and observations on occasion. Bubba comes to my “office” for coffee about three mornings a week. He usually shows up at 7:45.  I had told him that 7 […]

I have learned to like pink

    Today, we have a story from my friend Bill Amos, “I have learned to like pink.”  I think you will enjoy it.  I met Bill thirty five  years ago.  Bill is an amazing artist, a potter, an old geezer, and a philosopher.  I liked the story and thought I’d share.  –john  I HAVE LEARNED […]

Bubba’s Christmas Letter

Bubba’s Christmas Letter Merry Christmas, everyone!!  Before my voice problems I was frequently asked to read the following letter to festive groups. These days, even though a voice has been restored, I am more comfortable offering it to you on the internet. You know that if it’s on the internet it has to be true. […]

How to Plant Pansies

It’s pansy planting time here in the southeast.  We are busy cleaning up the spent begonias and petunias before they turn to mush in the next week or two.  Then we replace them with pansies.  Glorious pansies. I like pansies for several reasons: They brighten up the winter landscape. They seem to be hardy enough […]