A FrontYardGarden Creation

Jos has a time consuming job and he insists on spending a portion of his free time fishing. Whatever time is left over is spent in the garden, grooming and cleaning.

A Waterfall Instead of a Retaining Wall

A beautiful waterfall in late September  One of the points of profit associated with being a landscape artist, designer, and installer only shows up after a few years. On Friday, September23, I was delivering some pine straw to the Maire house where I had done some extensive work. Urs likes to touch up his pine […]

A nice landscape garden and dealing with the stump from a large uprooted tree

A garden visit and Dealing with a stump from a blown over tree  “Oh, My God, the wind is doing something weird. The trees are dancing through the sky, There comes a tree top into the middle of the back yard. This is scary!!!” It was April 27, 2011, a little after eight in the morning. […]

Living and Giving-more than a plant shop-in Rome, Ga.

Living and Giving—A beautiful plant shop in Rome, Georgia. NOTE: This is a good and popular article but Living and Giving has moved down the street. A more recent article can be found here: I had been in Living and Giving a number of times—to do some shopping, make a delivery, maybe to visit or […]

A no maintenance front yard and a Tennessee mountain walk

A “no maintenance” front yard and a prepositional walk on a Tennessee mountain top.  Almost every time I discuss a yard design with a new client, they immediately mention ‘low maintenance.”  I always try to explain that we can do “low maintenance”, but that there is no such thing as “no maintenance.”  I have been […]

A labyrinth in a meditation garden

A labyrinth, a healing garden, and a chapel. Allow me to introduce Tom Schulz.  Tom is a philosopher, a creative thinker, a builder, and a brilliant artist.  I have paid attention to Tom’s work over the years through pictures and other correspondence. Last week I was able to visit with Tom in Charlotte, N.C.  The […]

Stone walls and a designer garden

Stone walls and a designer garden My job as a landscape designer allows me to see unique situations and to meet some rather interesting people.  Last Friday evening, Dekie and I drove way out on a one and a half lane road through the foothills to meet Tom Adams. Tom is an excellent gardener, a […]

Maintaining a special yard on the mountain

A tour of a beautiful mountain garden created for a French country style house.

John visits the Gentleman Farmer

John visits the gentleman farmer. Bob Hicks is an very young eighty something years old with a tremendous love for the land.  He is a recently retired Atlanta attorney and lives in Marietta with his lovely wife Micheline.  He also has a wonderful 300 and more acre farm on the Chatooga River right outside the […]

A Redneck Garden in August

A Redneck Garden in August Bud is proud to be a redneck.  He grew up on a farm on Sand Mountain, Alabama and moved to town for work a number of years ago.  One day I showed Bud some of my blog posts and he said, “Why don’t you show them folks a redneck garden?”  […]