Hydrangeas in the landscape–a tour of a beautiful garden

A June tour of hydrangeas in bloom Marion Shaw has loved gardening all her life.  She learned from her mother and grandmother.  This week (June 7), she had suggested that it was a good time for me to bring  Dekie and Sylvia and Randy Eidson for an evening viewing of her blooming hydrangeas. (Sylvia’s garden is featured here)  […]

An intimate meditation garden in a gated community

An intimate meditation garden in a gated community. Sylvia sent me a picture via email the other day. The picture conveyed a message, “you need to come see this.” I grinned and decided that I should take Dekie and the trusty camera to get a look at her yard.  Here’s the picture she sent: Julie Windler had called […]

A beautiful backyard garden path

A walk through a garden pathway I showed up to “tweak” the garden in preparation for a party.  I hadn’t been there for a while and when I walked up to the trellised gateway, I just stopped and said “wow.” For a number of years I have helped Susan in developing the garden picture that […]

A grand weeping cherry…and preparing flower beds

Going to see the grandpa weeping cherry …preparing some flower beds First, the tree: There’s a big, old weeping cherry tree on top of Mt. Alto.  I’ve been trimming on it and feeding it for over 20 years, and it was big when I got there.  I figured it was time for it to be […]

Dealing with magnolias-and a grass free front yard

Dealing with the magnolia—and a private, grassless front yard When we think of the southeastern U.S., the tree that usually comes to mind is the southern magnolia.  When I was a child, my picture with Mom and Dad was published in the Milwaukee Journal as we posed with a magnolia bloom that Dad had brought back […]