Make a Quick, Safe, And Inexpensive Area For Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits are fun. They can also be dangerous. There are many different ways for building a fire pit, and I will explore some of them in the next few weeks. This week we were cleaning up and planting winter pansies for a long-time client who asked if she could add something on. I […]

Assignment: Design and Build An Attractive Mail Box Planter That Is Both Drought Tolerant and Deer Proof.

Nancy has a beautiful home and yard in a very nice subdivision. She had decided that she wanted to maintain the wooded lot and to have a yard that would echo the statement of a lovely home to be crafted with stone and timbers. Years later she decided that it was time to deal with […]

Building a Stone Patio for a SerenityGarden

Diane had only been in the house for a couple of months when I went over to look at the project. She took me to a side of the yard and we looked inside a small fenced in area. She said, “I want a serenity garden here where I can sit and sip my coffee and […]

Repairing a leaky water feature—Part two, putting it back together

The liner in the fountain had gotten old and needed changing so we took the whole thing apart and put in a new one. I started telling about the job of repairing a leaky waterfall in a previous post which showed the process of taking the water feature apart.  The main thing about putting it […]

Repairing a Leaky Water Feature—part one, Taking it Apart

I built this water feature for a client quite a number of years ago. I don’t remember if the fountain or the bridge came first but it ended up being a waterfall with a creek under the bridge pouring into a small pond on the other side. The plastic liner in the system started leaking […]

A garden path with hand made stepping stones, pea gravel mulch, and a rock garden.

Making stepping stones with whiskey barrel rings–part two  There was a multi faceted landscaping problem to solve. I stood there looking at a long narrow pathway down a side yard. The drainage was critical to prevent flooding, and we had tried to grow all kinds of grass but it was just too shady. A few years […]

How to make stepping stones with whiskey barrel rings–part one

How to make stepping stones with whiskey barrel rings–part one For part two of this article, click here There’s a story behind this picture, read on Halves of whiskey barrels make great planters but the barrels don’t last forever. Years ago, I realized that one of my recurring duties as a landscaper was to remove […]

Building stone steps with a retaining wall—part two

I often tell people about the old man who taught me to lay steps with stone. This morning I got tickled when I realized that that old man wasn’t any older than I am now. He has gone on to his great rewards and I have become the old man teaching people.

Rock garden steps with a retaining wall–part one

How to build stone garden steps with a small  retaining wall for erosion control–part one step by step instructions with photographs.   Ann is a gifted gardener and she is proud of her beautiful pool. Ann knows a lot about building and landscaping, but she decided to call in some help on this project. The problem was […]