How to build a portable rock garden

Here’s a good indoor plant project for a cold winter day:
The lady looked at her Sister’s rock garden and said, “Oh, I wish I could take this back to New York with me. Could you build me a smaller, portable rock garden?” This was a new concept for me. Here’s how it’s done—–

What Happened to My Pretty Christmas Plant?

For the past few years, at Christmas time, The Home Depot here in Rome, Georgia (and I assume elsewhere) has been stocking some impressive Christmas plants. These come in the form of well-grown and healthy rosemary and “Stone pine” plants. Here’s a picture of the display To my way of thinking, these plants are a […]

D’Ann’s Garden—Raised beds with brick borders to grow perennials

My friend D’Ann loves gardening. She is good at it too, and she doesn’t mind getting a little dirt under her fingernails. I had built some raised …click to read more…

10 steps for seeding a new fescue lawn in the fall

For basic looks, fescue grass is my favorite. It tolerates a bit of shade and it stays green all year. Fescue grass has traditionally been planted from seed but for several years it has been available as sod. Paige and I had discussed the kind of grass that we wanted in her back yard and […]

How to Install a Near Perfect Sod Job– Part Two

21 steps to installing a perfect sod job This is part two of a series. To start at the beginning click here for Near Perfect Sod Job—part one. This article is written in answer to many questions about sod installation. In the entire article you will find 21 steps to installing a good sod job. […]

Redneck Garden Revisited

A Redneck Garden in August I had to go see my mother over the weekend of July 4 and I’m going to cheat and re-post this article from a couple of years ago.  Enjoy. Bud is proud to be a redneck.  He grew up on a farm on Sand Mountain, Alabama and moved to town […]

Prepare for weed management—A rustic perennial bed in the country

When setting out to manage flower bed weeds in a rural area, one must always think ahead. Lots of surrounding pasture land makes for lots of weeds and weed seeds. Here in the southeast U.S. (Rome, Georgia) I think the most difficult weed is Bermuda grass which creeps on underground stems and cannot be controlled […]

Killing weeds in the landscape garden

A weed is defined as a plant that is in the wrong place. Pulling weeds in the garden can be a wonderful Zen-like experience but sometimes the job transcends meditation and it becomes time to spray. I am often asked if spraying weeds in the garden will kill the desirable plants.  My answer is, “Not […]