Joel’s Garden–planting onions Jan. 31

Joel is the most dedicated vegetable gardener I ever met.  He is in the garden working almost every morning.  I am going to make him a periodic feature of this site by keeping a log of what I see him doing as the year progresses. I’ve been having some medical concerns that have taken up […]

Planting Pansies and Bulbs the Easy Way.

Well, it’s time to plant pansies in Georgia but my operation in September involved cutting a muscle in my right shoulder and has limited my strength and use in the attached arm. Last week I wanted to plant some pansies in my own yard and my pride would not allow me to ask for help. […]

How to Cover Ugly Concrete With Brick Pavers

In my landscaping adventures I love it when one idea leads to another. The renovation of a country yard keeps developing. One of the first things we did, back in August, was to install a garden that I called “Country Formal.” The garden came out very nice and then we noticed that the porch landing […]

Cotton in Alabama, a Flagpole, and a Fall VegetableGarden

I have been rather proud of my article writing discipline for the last couple of years. The main consistency in my life has usually been inconsistency. I have missed several weeks in the past couple of months but it has been unavoidable. I am recovering well now from the operation. My throat is still inflated […]

Recognizing and treating fungus problems on your plants.

She asked, “What’s wrong with my plants? Should I spray them with liquid Sevin?”  We walked out to look at the leaves on the viburnum Davidii that lined one of the planting beds. I said, “Liquid Sevin won’t help you here because it is an insecticide. The problem with these plants is not insect related […]

Repairing a leaky water feature—Part two, putting it back together

The liner in the fountain had gotten old and needed changing so we took the whole thing apart and put in a new one. I started telling about the job of repairing a leaky waterfall in a previous post which showed the process of taking the water feature apart.  The main thing about putting it […]

Repairing a Leaky Water Feature—part one, Taking it Apart

I built this water feature for a client quite a number of years ago. I don’t remember if the fountain or the bridge came first but it ended up being a waterfall with a creek under the bridge pouring into a small pond on the other side. The plastic liner in the system started leaking […]

Mixed container plantings for summer color-part 3 of a series.

I was telling Russ and Shala Head about the blog series and they offered to send me pictures or their plantings. Russ and Shala own and operate Willow Creek Nursery here in Rome, Georgia. I have another friend, Bobby Mixon, who does very nice mixed planters for our mutual friend, Diane Harbin. I will start […]

Plants in containers for summer color

 A couple of weeks ago Lovely Christine asked me to write about mixed plantings in containers. She wanted to do something outside the front door. At the time I was only prepared to do an article about window boxes. She liked that one, but I kept looking at container gardens wherever I went and got […]

How to plant a mixed color window box for summer color.

 Christine  (my wonderful daughter-in-law to be) asked if I would do some articles on planters for summer color. I view a request from that source as very important, so here goes. I will start a series with this article on mixed color window boxes. When choosing plants for a mixed planter I like to follow […]