A Visit to the CoonHoundCemetery

My wife, Dekie received a “thank you reward” from using her visa card and decided to use it for a September birthday trip for me. More specifically, she decided to use it for a room in a fancy hotel in Florence, Alabama. We enjoy adventuresome road trips together, and I am always happy when the […]

Spray Painting the House

I am feeling better every day. The physical punishment from the cancer treatments and the surgery is getting lighter slowly but surely. After three years—showing numerous battle scars—I feel like I have returned. My landscaping business and my sweet wife keep me busy on several levels. But last week I had a promise to keep. […]

Bubba’s Christmas Letter: A Soon to be Traditional Southern Christmas Story

  December 14, 2018. This post was originally written several years ago and My good friend Bud Sims helped me with it. He was tickled to see his picture on “That there interweb.” Dekie read the letter to the story guild on Tuesday night this year and they loved it so she read it again […]

Christmas Tree or Holiday Tree? Ask Bubba

Bubba calls it a Christmas Tree. I stopped by to visit Bubba the other day and he was hanging lights on the leafless dogwood tree in his front yard.  I looked at it admiringly and asked, “Bubba, just what do you call this creation?” Bubba backed up and grinned and told me “hit’s a Christmas tree.” […]

Talking: A not so clinical exploration of a laryngectomy.

As presented to  Rome Area Writers, October 11, 2012. After they got through laughing, the members told me  that I should sell this article to a magazine. I decided it would suit me better to put it right here on Johntheplantman. Enjoy— The nicest thing about the operation is that I can breathe again. Breathing […]

Billy Schulz–A kind, Loving, and Courageous Gentleman

Billy Schulz passed away on Sunday, September 2, 2012. Billy loved everyone he ever met and was standing ready to love those he had yet to meet. He was a pioneer in the field of Special Needs. Billy will be missed by many people all over the world. He touched a lot of people and changed […]

My self publishing experience part three-Turning it into a book.

  The editing proceeded. Make changes, submit for editing, correct the manuscript, make more changes. I called the process polishing. I realized that when the final draft was completed and printed there would be no going back for changes. The funny thing is that in the final draft of Requiem for a Redneck,- the one […]

My self publishing experience-part one

A story about a story-My self publishing experience part one. August 28, 2011 It seems like every day, at least once but usually several times, someone will ask, “John, when’s your next book coming out?” The question never fails to make me feel good. I know now that I have been able to not only […]