A thank you and a love story

A big event in my life is rapidly approaching. For this week’s article I have decided to share my “thank you” to the Rome Area Writers group.  I have been a member of this group for over four years and they have helped me in many ways. Their motto is, “Writers helping writers.” This piece […]

John the plant man’s radiation adventure

My radiation adventure Or Johntheplantman gets treated for throat cancer Or How I spent the last 4 months of 2010  So many people have asked for the details of my radiation treatment for throat cancer that I thought I would just go ahead and write an article about it.  My blog title promises periodic stories, […]

Jack Runninger on Christmas Letters

Jack Runninger’s Christmas Letter.  You may have noticed that I like to poke fun at Christmas letters.  Here’s an article on Christmas letters from Jack.  I think that we could classify parts of this as a Redneck Christmas Letter.   My friend Jack Runninger has written a book (along with Dan Winn, who I don’t know) […]

A no maintenance front yard and a Tennessee mountain walk

A “no maintenance” front yard and a prepositional walk on a Tennessee mountain top.  Almost every time I discuss a yard design with a new client, they immediately mention ‘low maintenance.”  I always try to explain that we can do “low maintenance”, but that there is no such thing as “no maintenance.”  I have been […]

John visits the Gentleman Farmer

John visits the gentleman farmer. Bob Hicks is an very young eighty something years old with a tremendous love for the land.  He is a recently retired Atlanta attorney and lives in Marietta with his lovely wife Micheline.  He also has a wonderful 300 and more acre farm on the Chatooga River right outside the […]

Louann wins the lottery

In this weeks article I will share a nice story.  Relax for a few minutes and read about the indomitable Louann.  This is one of my favorite chapters from the book Requiem for a Redneck. Enjoy-share it with your friends. Louann was a victim of numbers. With five more years of public schooling, thirty more […]

A poem–“On to a Brilliant World”

Dragons can assume many forms.  G.K. Chesterton said: “Children do not have to be taught that dragons exist.  They already knew that.”  On To A Brilliant World The old man stood on the hill In the time of my youth In my time of formation Invincibility And confusion. “Son” he said: “That’s where you’re going. […]