Snowper Bowl

This game had it all: tenseness, viewer participation, daredevil driving, urgency, pathos, empathy…Can you name some more? I was most fortunate in that I had been pre-trained in 1980 (or somewhere in that time period) by a snow storm in Marietta that came in around lunch time and caused a terrific traffic jam. I had […]

Cloud Pruning—A Conceptual Approach to Shaping Plants

From last week’s article, we know that a concept is a collection of questions that haven’t been asked. Let’s ask a few…Julia Maloney who lives a bit south of Atlanta I think, asked me to direct her to some information about cloud pruning so that she could use this treatment on her overgrown boxwood. And […]

Apples, a Cider Press, and a Party

On the way to a Kristofferson concert in Atlanta we stopped off at a wonderful cider pressing party. John and Jane Kenna have been throwing a cider party on an annual basis for ten years. Read about the destiny of 20 bushels of apples