The Billy Schulz Memorial Prayer Garden Fund

We have had so many people ask us what we would like in lieu of flowers as a Memorial for Billy Schulz. I am putting the information here because I cannot possibly answer all of the requests. Since the First Broad Street United Methodist Church in Kingsport, Tennessee was such a big part of Billy’s […]

Billy Schulz–A kind, Loving, and Courageous Gentleman

Billy Schulz passed away on Sunday, September 2, 2012. Billy loved everyone he ever met and was standing ready to love those he had yet to meet. He was a pioneer in the field of Special Needs. Billy will be missed by many people all over the world. He touched a lot of people and changed […]

The Day of the garden tour– Part eight of a series

 I know, I’m late with this final article in the series. I was talking with Patsy Hubbard the other day and she said, “John I hope you know that you must write the final article of the tour series.” I felt like I hadn’t done my homework and I started to tell her that the […]