Building Joel’s Raised Herb Garden

Here’s a way to get rid of your tiller and build your garden on top of the dirt. It really works, and tending the garden much easier and more productive.

D’Ann’s Garden—Raised beds with brick borders to grow perennials

My friend D’Ann loves gardening. She is good at it too, and she doesn’t mind getting a little dirt under her fingernails. I had built some raised …click to read more…

A nice landscape garden and dealing with the stump from a large uprooted tree

A garden visit and Dealing with a stump from a blown over tree  “Oh, My God, the wind is doing something weird. The trees are dancing through the sky, There comes a tree top into the middle of the back yard. This is scary!!!” It was April 27, 2011, a little after eight in the morning. […]

Planting a flower bed with leftovers, or, “Happy wife, happy life”

Planting a flower bed with leftovers, or, “Happy wife, happy life”  She said, “I want my yard to look like a landscaper lives here.” I replied, “It does look like a landscaper lives here. Remember the cobbler’s shoes.”  I plant a lot of flowers every spring.  Actually, I plant a lot of truckloads of flowers […]

Bubba’s 2010 Christmas letter

Bubba’s 2010 Christmas Letter. My friend Bubba wrote another Christmas letter and he asked me to include it in the johntheplantman blog so everybody could see it.  Heeeeere’s Bubba:  Hey, this here’s Bubba writing. Well here it is and it’s been another year done gone by and it’s Christmas again.  It’s been a really good […]

Will Goldin’s Eagle Scout landscaping project. People helping people.

People helping people on many levels—an Eagle Scout community service landscaping project Will Goldin is a very nice, intelligent, and rather reserved young man who asked me for some advice on his Eagle Scout project a few months ago. I have always liked the fact that the Boy Scout program requires a community service project […]

A grand weeping cherry…and preparing flower beds

Going to see the grandpa weeping cherry …preparing some flower beds First, the tree: There’s a big, old weeping cherry tree on top of Mt. Alto.  I’ve been trimming on it and feeding it for over 20 years, and it was big when I got there.  I figured it was time for it to be […]

Raised beds for a vegetable garden

Building a raised vegetable garden I have a jar of peppers on my table that makes my eyes water even though I haven’t opened it yet. I’m going to tell you about raised vegetable gardening and a wonderful project on Maple Street. You’ll find out about the peppers at the end of the article. We […]