Update on “Country Formal Cutting Garden”

I had a chance to visit the Todino’s cutting garden this week.  The tulips were showing of. If you saw the earlier article, I showed the varieties and the planting method for colors and for early, mid season, and late blooming.  That article is here: A couple of weeks before the above picture was taken, […]

How to Cover Ugly Concrete With Brick Pavers

In my landscaping adventures I love it when one idea leads to another. The renovation of a country yard keeps developing. One of the first things we did, back in August, was to install a garden that I called “Country Formal.” The garden came out very nice and then we noticed that the porch landing […]

Raspberries and Introspection.

This website is becoming a part of my life. WordPress tells me that I have written 117 articles and that this one will be number 118. My wife, Dekie, tells me that she is impressed with my self-discipline. Hell, I’m impressed with it, too. I never thought I had it in me. My new truck […]