Landscaping from the Inside Out is Like Putting a Picture on the Wall

In September I wrote an article titled, “Design a Landscape To Be Seen Through the Living Room Window.” My brother, Tom is a gifted artist and I have had paintings of his on my living room walls for years and years. I think it is fun now that, maybe, I can give him something for […]

Preparing for Planting a Shady Border Flower Garden—part one of a series

Judy Kerns Well, a Facebook friend from Darwin, Ohio asked me to do a series of articles on shade gardening. This was good timing for me because I had been studying the border of the yard that I became involved with after getting married a year ago and moving in with my wonderful wife, Dekie. […]

Weed free garden paths and moving a water faucet.

 I didn’t install this lovely vegetable garden, but Nancy asked us to do a little tweaking. I think the main problem was weeds in the pathway, but there was more to be done. The raised beds had settled and were covered with weeds, so we spent quite a bit of time pulling the weeds and […]