Erosion control for washed out stepping stones

Solving erosion problems step by step-directions and pictures  I was asked to fix a set of washed out stepping stones that had been installed down a hill beside the house. When this happens, I always remember the lady who told me long ago, “In every landscaping job, water is the boss.” Here’s a picture of […]

Building stone steps with a retaining wall—part two

I often tell people about the old man who taught me to lay steps with stone. This morning I got tickled when I realized that that old man wasn’t any older than I am now. He has gone on to his great rewards and I have become the old man teaching people.

Rock garden steps with a retaining wall–part one

How to build stone garden steps with a small  retaining wall for erosion control–part one step by step instructions with photographs.   Ann is a gifted gardener and she is proud of her beautiful pool. Ann knows a lot about building and landscaping, but she decided to call in some help on this project. The problem was […]