A Small, Private Back Yard With Tea Olive and Roses

I often refer to landscaping as a four-dimensional art form. When questioned about this observation, I reply that “the fourth dimension of the art form is time. The landscape planting is an ever-changing entity.” For this reason I never know what I will see when I walk into a yard several years after its installation. […]

Preventing inch worm damage on Knockout roses and watching the garden develop

Getting ready for the garden tour—part four Last Tuesday morning, I was sitting on the porch eating my peach yogurt, drinking green tea, and watching the lovely spring day develop when the phone rang. I looked at the caller i.d. Yep, I had been expecting the call. “Hello?” “They’re here,” the female voice replied. I […]

Preparing the garden for an early spring event. Part three of a series.

According to WordPress, this is my one hundredth article. Yay.  Oops, I’m going to have to do something about the Knockout roses or they will bloom too early. The Rome, Georgia Junior Service League Garden Tour is scheduled for April 28. I’m in pretty good shape with getting things ready for the tour. On March […]

Preparing the garden for an early spring event. part one of a series

March 1, 2012: The phone rang right after lunch. “John,” Patsy said, “Don’t forget about the Junior Service League tour of gardens in April.” I replied that I had not forgotten and that we were on the same page.  I have been working on the yard on the mountain for probably thirty years and it […]

A Privacy Screen with Arizona Cypress and Knockout Rose

What happens if you don’t prune? I write a lot of articles about pruning and actually the articles on pruning Knockout Roses are the most popular ones on my blog site. One of my rules on landscape design is to plant so that the project will look finished in five years. Today, I visited a […]