Make a Beautiful Mixed Flower Creation With a Wire Basket and Coconut Fiber Matting.

John the Plant Man shows us how to prepare and plant a beautiful hanging basket of mixed flowers using a wire basket and coconut fiber liner.

October pansies for a May wedding

Planting pansies in October for a May wedding.  Dekie has decided that the wedding will be in the middle of May at her father’s northwest Georgia farm.  The ceremony will be down by the lake and the guests (family only) will walk past two extensive flower beds.  The problem at hand is to figure out how […]

Time to think about pansies.

Time to think about pansies. Dekie and I are going to plant pansies at the farm next weekend.  Last week we went to the grower and picked out the colors she wanted. We will plant about a thousand plants, nestled down in pine straw.  This will give us a magnificent show for the wedding in […]

How to Plant Pansies

It’s pansy planting time here in the southeast.  We are busy cleaning up the spent begonias and petunias before they turn to mush in the next week or two.  Then we replace them with pansies.  Glorious pansies. I like pansies for several reasons: They brighten up the winter landscape. They seem to be hardy enough […]