Merry Christmas From Bubba

Merry Christmas, everyone!! Before my voice problems I was frequently asked to read the following letter to festive groups. These days, even though a voice has been restored, I am more comfortable offering it to you on the internet. You know that if it’s on the internet it has to be true. Print it out and read it to your gathering with my blessings. Here’s Bubba’s Christmas Letter:

Bubba’s Christmas Letter: A Soon to be Traditional Southern Christmas Story

  December 14, 2018. This post was originally written several years ago and My good friend Bud Sims helped me with it. He was tickled to see his picture on “That there interweb.” Dekie read the letter to the story guild on Tuesday night this year and they loved it so she read it again […]

Jack Runninger on Christmas Letters

Jack Runninger’s Christmas Letter.  You may have noticed that I like to poke fun at Christmas letters.  Here’s an article on Christmas letters from Jack.  I think that we could classify parts of this as a Redneck Christmas Letter.   My friend Jack Runninger has written a book (along with Dan Winn, who I don’t know) […]

Bubba’s 2010 Christmas letter

Bubba’s 2010 Christmas Letter. My friend Bubba wrote another Christmas letter and he asked me to include it in the johntheplantman blog so everybody could see it.  Heeeeere’s Bubba:  Hey, this here’s Bubba writing. Well here it is and it’s been another year done gone by and it’s Christmas again.  It’s been a really good […]