Finding My Voice Through “Quotes and Notes”

In case you need to know where the “quotes and notes” came from, here is the explanation.

Recently, throughout the fall and winter, I have seen some interesting changes in my writing life. I have been finding my voice. As you may know, a couple of years ago I lost my vocal cords to a cancer operation called a laryngectomy. I spent an interesting six months not being able to talk at all and then I was fitted with a tiny prosthesis in my throat that allows me to use other muscles to talk. I have been getting better and better at talking.

I have written a book titled Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days, facing cancer treatments with humor and optimism. The book deals with questions for others who ask, “what happens when I am treated for cancer?”

Our new book is almost ready to print. The publisher is working on the formatting now. I knew the release date was coming and last October, in observance of Breast Cancer Month, I told my Facebook followers that I would post a motivational and annotated cancer quote every day for the entire month. I didn’t know if I had it in me to write such a post every day for 31 days, but I pushed myself. I succeeded.

The effort was well received. A lot of people started following and several cancer victims thanked me profusely for the help they got from the posts. At the end of October I said, “Well, there it is, I hope you liked it. I’m done.” I received a lot of requests to continue writing the motivational posts so I told Dekie that I wondered if I could do a quote and note every day for a year. It’s a daunting project but now I am over two months into it and going strong. I switched from an emphasis on cancer to one of hope, optimism, and happiness.

A lot of my friends do not use Facebook so I started sending them the daily posts in an email. Then it occurred to me that I had set up a blog page before I got sick. Last week I went back and re-worked the John Schulz author blog page and started posting my “Quotes and Notes” articles on there.  The daily articles are short, make you feel good, and leave you with the statement, “Everything is going to be all right.”

Here is my favorite post from that site. (click on the title). If you wish, you may go to the site and sign up to receive the quotes from the site in an email.

I have found my voice.

The only strength that can overcome adversity

Posted on January 9, 2015by John Schulz

Quotes and Notes, January 9, 2015

“One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.”

–Albert Schweitzer

As one may become stronger by practicing optimism, the same may be said about successfully dealing with ill fortune. When I lost my vocal cords several years ago and had to live for six months without a voice at all before getting a prosthesis, I made up my mind to become a motivational speaker some day. My voice is evident in my writing and last night I gave a successful reading for the Rome Area Writers organization.

What a good feeling that was! Push on and overcome. While you’re at it, share a smile.

Everything is going to be all right.

John P. Schulz


John Schulz gives a motivational talk to the Rome Area Writers.

John Schulz gives a motivational talk to the Rome Area Writers.


By the way, the book will be out in early February. The name is

Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days–Facing cancer treatments with optimism and humor

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Tender Mercies

Well, over the last few weeks I have been poked and prodded and scanned. The general consensus of the doctors is that the treatments worked and the cancer is gone. I will have another scan in October to check it again. I don’t know that I have won the war, but I do feel like the battle is mine.

A fourth of July visit with my beautiful mother, Jane Schulz

A fourth of July visit with my beautiful mother, Jane Schulz

And battle scars—I have a few. My shoulder has a gouge taken out of it due to the removal of a tumor that was on my carotid artery. My voice box has been removed along with the throat cancer tumor and my voice.  A tube with a back flow valve has been surgically inserted between my trachea and my esophagus allowing regulated air to flow into my mouth cavity and thereby allowing  me to talk. There is a button on my throat that I can push to direct air through this tube when I want to talk. It is a very simple device but difficult to explain.

So I have a new sense of hope. When I think of cancer I think of a movie (The Shootist, 1976) that I saw with Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne in which Stewart looked at Wayne and said, “You have a cancer.”  I knew right then that the character was going to die. Up until recently I guess my mind just accepted cancer as being the kiss of death. Now I know different. I know that in many cases, finding the cancer is the first step in treating and eradicating it.

I have been learning about my “store bought” voice for five or six months and have been slowly gaining confidence in using it. My writing group, The Rome Area Writers (Rome, Georgia) was due to meet last week and the writing prompt was “Tender Mercies.” I decided to write something short to read for the group and just find out how much progress I was making. The reading went rather well considering, and I felt good about it. Here’s the piece:

Tender Mercies.

She is a nice looking forty-five

Year old third generation

Trust fund baby who had

Married a second generation

Trust fund baby.


I have just gotten through wit

A three year cancer battle

In which I lost my voice

And sustained several other scars.

“You look good, John.”

She said as she gave me a perfunctory hug.

She stood back and looked at me

“How are you doing,” she asked

And nodded toward the button on my throat,

“Other than that…”


“How insensitive,” I thought to myself

“I’m feeling great,” I said with a big smile.

She replied, “I’ve been praying for you, and

We put you on the prayer list at my church.”

I thanked her kindly.


On the way home I thought to myself

“Four years ago

Four years ago I would have been devastated

To think I would have a button on my throat

That I had to push any time I wanted to talk.”

And I thought some more.


You know

There is nothing like five months

Without being able to talk,

To make one really appreciate such a button

I pulled into the driveway,

Home from a long day.


“Welcome home,” my wife said

She smiled and gave me more than a perfunctory hug.

She backed off and looked at me

With a shine in her eye…

“How was your day?” she asked.


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